Bok A Bok Chicken is a quick service Korean fried chicken joint nestled in the heart of Seattle’s White Center neighborhood. Founded by Executive Chef Brian O’Connor and his partners Jael DeLeonardis and Alex Prindle, the restaurant opened its doors in June 2016. Bok A Bok’s menu centers around fried chicken, with a crispier take on the traditional batter sealing in the juicy, natural flavors from fresh, sustainably-raised chickens.

Inspired by O’Connor’s travels throughout Asia, the unique spin sets the restaurant apart from others in the Pacific Northwest. Guests can pair chicken breasts, thighs and wings with a selection of house made dipping sauces ranging from sweet to spicy.

The menu also features rice bowls, fried chicken sandwiches, and Korean-inspired sides including kim chi mac & cheese, sweet potato tater tots, sweet and spicy coleslaw, pickled veggies and house-made biscuits.

The drink selection includes soju slushies with seasonal flavors, Korean and local beers, Jones soda, and chilled, toasted barley tea. Party packs of up to 100 wings will be available for customers to customize and take to-go.